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Des projets architecturaux ambitieux, équipés de solutions novatrices standard ou spéciales, attestent du savoir-faire de Sedus en tant que fabricant de mobilier de bureau. La sélection suivante est accompagnée d'informations supplémentaires qu'il est possible de visualiser par simple clic avec la souris.

Wittenstein Innovation Factory, Germany
The workplaces planned and furnished by Sedus are highly mobile and all on castors. Teams can reorganise and reconfigure themselves again and again.

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Rijk Zwaan, De Lier, Netherlands
Rijk Zwaan is one of the world’s top 10 of globally-operating vegetable breeding companies.  Sedus furnished the new headquarters.

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SEB AG, Frankfurt a. M., Germany

SEB AG, Frankfurt a. M., Germany
By moving into the existing „Skylight“ building complex in Frankfurt's city centre, SEB AG concentrated different locations into one new headquarters.

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Goldbeck Rheinparkcarree, Germany

Rheinparkcarree, Monheim, Germany
A convincing symbiosis of transparency and opportunities to work without interruption is offered by the offices of the Rheinparkcaree. Sedus has realized a holistic interior concept.

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Vodafone Campus, Düsseldorf, Germany
The new Vodafone Campus has a floor space of around 112,000 sqm and room for 5,000 employees. The idea was to create a completely unique and convincing design for a workplace of the future.

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Transocean, Vernier, Switzerland
Transocean is one of the largest offshore drilling contractors worldwide. For the design of the offices Guenin Atelier d‘Architectures followed an elegant concept for both the architecture and interior design.

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Puratos, Parma, Italy

Puratos, Parma, Italy
The Puratos group of companies develops and sells ingredients for bakers, confectioners and chocolate makers. The open structure of the offices makes a communicative working atmosphere possible.

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Nestlé, Frankfurt, Germany
The Nestlé bistro area offers a comfortable lounge ambience for meetings and staff breaks. Thanks to its redesign, the area in front of the company restaurant can now be used to good effect.

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Vodafone Village, Milan

Vodafone Village, Milan, Italy
The Vodafone headquarters in Milan has room for around 3,000 employees and thus combines in one headquarters all the formerly isolated locations from the surrounding area.

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Tripicchio, Freiburg

Tripicchio, Freiburg i. Br., Germany
Tripicchio is a dialogue marketing agency located in Freiburg in the Breisgau region. The open space office, with its open space structure, represents the idea of a modern and successful company.

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Nidag, Mainz

Nidag, Mainz, Germany
In the framework of an urban development project, a historical warehouse building in Mainz was renovated. Nidag has leased three of the building's floors and designed the offices as an open space.

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Kaffee Partner, Osnabrueck, Germany

Kaffee Partner, Osnabrueck, Germany
The avant-garde structure offers room for 300 employees. Repeating the colours of the coffee creations in brown and white also in the interiors, an atmosphere of well-being was designed.

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Wittenstein bastian, Fellbach, Germany

Wittenstein bastian, Fellbach, Germany
The high-tech company combines production hal and offices under one roof and creates a feel-good working atmosphere.

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Unic AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Unic AG, Zurich, Switzerland
The e-business company created 62 workstations with the individually height-adjustable system temptation twin, combined with temptation storage.

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Invesco Italy

Invesco, Milan, Italy
The Italian subsidiary of the investment company moved into a building opposite the cathedral. The realised open-space concept has been created by London based ABA Design.

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Brother Italy

Brother, San Felice, Segrate, Italy
In the middle of a green area, 80 workstations were created primarily for teamwork, while offering flexibility and transparency.

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CNA Italy

CNA Faenza, Ravenna, Italy
The new office of the Italian Chamber of Crafts includes offices, a large assembly room, training rooms and diverse conference rooms.

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Simpson Spence & Young, Hongkong, China
As one of the largest freight and logistics companies for worldwide shipment by sea, Simpson Spence & Young built a branch in Hong Kong with around 30 workstations.
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Sabanci University, Tuzla-Istanbul, Turkey
On the campus of Sabanci University, a nanotechnology research centre with around 200 workstations was buildt.
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U|S|E AG, Reutlingen, Germany
The company U|S|E AG, which installs and integrates photovoltaic systems, has its new headquarters in a wave-shaped buildung. The spacious, flexible builing structure supports growing and changing processes.
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Suedwestrundfunk, Stuttgart, Germany
In the form of a new building the media company SWR brought several units from different locations together. Workstations for 480 employees have been furnished by Sedus.
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VR Bank Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
The compact new building is opened up by an atrium and a glass facade. All workstations and conference rooms have optimum daylight conditions.
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Direkte Telemarketing GmbH, Call Centre, Stuttgart, Germany
In the main administration offices of the company, the 60 employees of the call centre have workstations arranged in the shape of a star.
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Sedus Innovation and Development Centre, Dogern, Germany
Sedus' new building erected on the company premises unifies all development processes under it's roof.
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Berkeley Homes, London, Great Britain
Berkeley Homes builds high-quality residential buildings at attractive locations in London and in the south-east of England. The working areas in the new headquarters are extensively in the form of an open space design.
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Axis Bank, Mumbai, India
The Axis Bank is one of the best-known online banks in India and has a very high growth-rate. When designing the work areas in the new headquarters, which primarily consists of open-space offices, the architects adhered to a discreet colour scheme.
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Diesel, Headquarter, Breganze, Italy
At the southern edge of the Alps all central departments are now united together in the new headquarter. A place 2.5 planned and furnished with Sedus. By 2012, a total of one thousand employees will be working here.
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R + V, Project Building, Wiesbaden, Germany
Containing all departments on a space of 5500 m² project teams are engaged on central information systems. Due to flexible meta walls of the mooia series, the working areas can be quickly adapted to changing requirements.
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R+V Versicherung, New Building, Wiesbaden, Germany
R + V Versicherung extended its central offices by adding a new building into for 1200 employees. The building has been furnished with 12,000 items of furniture from Sedus.
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TUM IAS, Munich, Germany
The new building of the outstanding educational establishment Technical University of Munich is created as a place of inspiration, meeting location and a space for cooperations for scientists from all over the world.
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Univar, Essen, Germany
Together with architect Udo Hasenbein the company planned an open office concept accentuated with bold colours.
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Aegon, Lytham St Annes, Great Britain
Aegon, an insurance company with its head office in Edinburgh, has completely restructured its offices in Lytham St Annes. The building has been designed for 1,000 employees and fitted out with furniture by Sedus.
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Connext, Paderborn, Germany
The IT company operating in the social and healthcare sector has moved its headquarters to a new location with workplaces for 140 persons.
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Interoll, Sinsheim, Germany
The company which makes modules and components for plant builders has built a new headquarters and a new production building.
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Space Syntax, London, Great Britain
The move of the planning office provided the opportunity to adapt the rooms to current needs and thus express the company's intrinsic goals. The result is a multiplicity of spaces with open structures.
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ZDF Werbefernsehen, Mainz, Germany
The ZDF Werbefernsehen moved ito a new building on "media" hill in Mainz. The new offices are organised in different ways and are supplemented with conference rooms and meeting area.
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Invesco, Frankfurt a. Main, Germany
Invesco, one of the world's largest investment companies, has moved into new premises in Frankfurt. The company placed great value on a high-quality, aesthetic design.
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Zweckverband Ostholstein, Sierksdorf, Germany
Around 210 employees moved into new offices. In the mostly open-plan office zones, bench workstations were created with the temptation furniture system.
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Devoteam daVinci, Oslo, Norway
Devoteam daVinci is a consulting company for IT solutions and one of the ten best employers in Norway. In Oslo recently 90 people moved into their newly designed offices.
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Avant Grup, Barcelona, Spain
Located in Barcelona, the Avant Grup is one of the largest Catalonian service providers in the field of private personal transport
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Avant Grup; Barcelona, Spain
Located in Barcelona, the Avant Grup is one of the largest Catalonian service providers in the field of private personal transport. From the office area, employees have a direct view of the fleet.
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Reursa Incasol, Barcelona, Spain
Reursa is a public branch of Incasòl. Acting on behalf of the Catalonian government, it is dedicated to urban problems. The architects created offices and workstations mainly illuminated by daylight.
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Arctic Securities, Oslo, Norway
Arctic Securities is a Norwegian investment bank established in 2007. Around 120 workstations as well as conference rooms were furnished with Sedus furniture.
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Schleich, Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany
Schleich became known in the 1950s as a producer of figures like Smurfs. Now Meuser Architekten realised a new headquarter for the company.
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Nostalgic Art, Berlin, Germany
In the Kanonenhalle on the former Borsig site, Nostalgic Art built its company headquarters inside an outstanding specimen of old industrial architecture.
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Hydroplant, Zurich, Switzerland
Green is a central recurring feature at Hydroplant as the Swiss company specialises in integrating plants in building and room concepts in an aesthetically attractive manner although such plants are often feared by architects and designers alike.
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Cardinal Health, Rolle, Switzerland
The open-plan in the concept of DEGW architects promotes staff encounters and interactions.
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Insurance Company, Tokyo, Japan
A German insurance company established its Japanese office in Tokyo with furniture from Sedus.
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MBG, Paderborn, Germany
The marketing company created attractive offices with 50 workstations on two floors. With a great deal of design commitment the marketed products are presented in an attractive setting.
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Springer Group, London, United Kingdom
As a result of acquisition the publishing company Springer created 250 new work stations. A colour scheme was used to demarcate the different departments of the company.
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Nissan, Rome, Italy
One of the declared goals of Nissan is to improve the well-being of it's employees. To this end the company's new canteen was created as an ideal platform for informal communication.
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DB Group, Montebelluna, Italy
The company's new building with 150 workstations is intended to express the company's internationality, innovative strenghth and orientation to the future.
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Dyckerhoff AG, Wiesbaden, Germany
Interior architect Kerstin Leijdekker brought the workstations of 28 staff together, who were previously separated from each other.
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Symrise, Vienna, Austria
As an international organisation Symrise's mission is to find flavourings, flavours and smells for the food industry. Test persons sit on open mind.
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Internationales Design Zentrum, Berlin, Germany
The International Design Centre in Berlin sees itself as a platform between politics, industry, society and culture. Workstations are closely interntwined with the exhibition areas.
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Schmidt Seeger, Beilngries, Germany
In Altmühltal attractive working areas were created in the green but traditional location. Apart from the company directors all parts of the company work in the open space.
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Hemofarm, Belgrade, Serbia
The international pharmaceutical company has moved into a newly erected administration building. Around 150 employees have been provided with new workstations here.
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Lufthansa Seeheim, Germany
The training destination for Lufthansa staff from all over the world. In the new complex various scenarios such as airport lobbies, wellness hotels, conference centres and comfortable clubs are optimally combined.
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E.ON Thüringer Energie AG, Erfurt, Germany
The largest provider of energy services in Thueringen has set up its headquarters with around 400 new workstations designed by architect Sabine Brück.
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Waste-Material Power Station, Schwandorf, Germany
The new office building was integrated in an embankment. At second view appears that architect Bernd Lederle used a powerful range of colours.
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Diesel, New York, USA
The fashion brand Diesel set up its headquarters for the United States in a twelve-storey building from the 1920s in Manhattan. The Italian architect Daniele Minestrini created an open workspace with relation teamtables.
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Life Insurance Comapny, Tokyo, Japan
For the new entrance and training space, the life insurance company in Tokyo has chosen easily configurable furniture by Sedus.
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Econcern, Cologne, Germany
The central architectural element of the building called "Etrium" is an atrium. The building planned by Benthem Crouwel architects for around 150 employees meets passive-house criteria.
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CBRE Investor, Milan
In a building with a classical layout, architect Cristiana Cutrona implemented modern solutions.
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Hellmann Logistics, Osnabrueck, Germany
In the harbour of Osnabrück, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics built its new headquarters in a former warehouse. An exemplary and transparent office landscape was created, even winning the Best office Award 2008.
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Diesel, Milan, Italy
As headquarter of the fashion brand Diesel serves a former industrial building. Alessandro Giannavola and Cristian Rampazzo are responsible for the renovation and created a wonderful working environment.
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rbb Berlin, Germany
For rbb, Fehr + Partner planned a new editing and broadcasting complex which accomodates broadcasting and production studios, reporter boxes and television news area.
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PSD Bank, Münster, Germany
On behalf of the PSD Bank, Andreas Heupel has built a new head office with a striking aesthetic note in the Hafenplatz in Münster. A special feature is the LED facade.
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Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherung, Stuttgart, Germany
The headquarter of the insurance company Württembergischen Gemeinde-Versicherung, has been built by hascher jehle architects.  ippolito fleitz group designed the client service center.
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Architecture Code 2008, Cologne, Germany
On occasion of Architecture Code Cologne stage designer Marie-Térèse Vu created a spectacular event space.
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Porsche Bucharest, Romania
The Romanian branch of Porsche Bank was designed by architect Simona Ciurea in warm, strong and energetic colours.                                   

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Gira, Radevormwald, Germany
Gira, a manufacturer of installation systems, has built a new customer centre. Around 40 employees provide advice here to customers and architects in an wall-less but acoustically sophisticated open-space atmosphere.
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Dr. Lübke Immobilien, Frankfurt, Germany
When the real-estate and consulting company moved to its new headquarters, the offices for 40 employees were completely renovated and are now dominated by a warm and powerful atmosphere.
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TriGranit, Budapest, Hungary
The spacious administration offices of the largest European project developer is located directly on the banks of the Danube.
Superb views of the river inspired the yacht deck floor in the entrance to the offices.
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Sedus - References - Pappas Autohaus, Salzburg

Mercedes-Autohaus Pappas, Salzburg, Austria
The new headquarters and competence centre of Pappas, one of the largest car dealership companies in Austria, is a rather unusual architectural statement for this branch of trade.
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Sedus - References - Vodafone Learning Center, Milan, Italy

Vodafone Learning Center, Milan, Italy
Studio Benini & Partners created a modern training centre, with restrained coloured elements. A special eyecatcher is the corporate-red membrane backrest of the rotating chairs.
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Sedus - References - documenta 12, Kassel, Germany

documenta 12, Kassel, Germany
On the occasion of documenta 12 in Kassel, the architecture magazine, archplus, set up an exhibition and project room, designed like an office landscape. It is used as an editorial office and a location for events.
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Sedus - References - inBev brewery, GITEC

inBev brewery, GITEC, Belgium
InBev, the Belgian brewery company, produces around 2000 types of beer and world-renowned beer brands. In the new research laboratory near its headquarters, an international teams tests, carries out experiments and creates new beers.
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Sedus - References - Confartigianato, Lugo di Romagna, Italy

Confartigianato, Lugo di Romagna, Italy
The administration building conceived by Studio Lucenses was planned with the purpose of creating bright, aesthetically clear rooms.
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Sedus - References - Architecture Code Cologne, Cologne, Germany

Architecture Code Cologne, Cologne, Germany
Cologne, January 2007: During the international furniture fair in Cologne, architects were invited to lunch here. For the seats at the long dining table with space for 80 people, olé velvet chairs were used.
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Sedus - References - BMW Tarragona, Spain

BMW Tarragona, Spain
In the BMW branch office in Tarragona, all the administration and consultants' work places were fitted out with chairs from Sedus. The blue 'my way' chairs are features which immediately strike the eye.
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Sedus - References - Braun Medical, Headquarter, Switzerland

Braun Medical, Headquarter, Switzerland
The new head office was build primarily in order to create synergies. A prerequisite for this was a design which would foster communication on all levels and streamline the work processes.
pdf, 611 KB

Sedus - References - Stock exchange, trading hall, Frankfurt, Germany

Stock exchange, trading hall, Frankfurt, Germany
According to plans drawn up by architect's office Atelier Brückner the trading hall at the Frankfurt stock exchange has been converted in a pleasant working place. The hall now has a contemporary design.
pdf, 337 KB

Sedus - References - Santo Volto, Torino, Italy

Santo Volto, Torino, Italy
Mario Botta created an expressive ecclesiastical building, the new presbytery complex on a former industrial site which is dedicated to the "Holy Countenance of Jesus".
pdf, 203 KB

Sedus - References - Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany

Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany
The most modern news editing department in Germany is to be found in the Axel Springer Verlag building. The newsroom that has been created is a marketplace for news, where staff work more than 18 hours a day.
pdf, 142 KB

Sedus - References - BMW Tower, Munich, Germany

BMW Tower, Munich, Germany
After 30 years, the BMW tower, which is now a protected building, was subjected to a general overhaul, especially in respect of the technical equipment. The offices in the tower were also re-designed.
pdf, 172 KB

Sedus - References - Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Students from all over the world work in the research lab. An optimum exchange of ideas within the research team is enabled by the communication-promoting invitation system.
pdf, 237 KB

Sedus - References - KUMU, Estonian Museum of Art, Estland

KUMU, Estonian Museum of Art, Estonia
Estonia finally got its own museum of art, designed by Finnish architects Pekka Vapaavuori. The approximately 100 jobs created at the edge of Tallinn municipal park were fitted with the open mind swivel chair.
pdf, 151 KB

Sedus - References - Savings Bank Siegen, Germany

Savings Bank Siegen, Germany
The new administration building of the savings bank itself is part of the outstanding inner-city location, the Sieg Carré. 220 employees moved to new workplaces in rooms of highly different configurations.
pdf, 126 KB

Sedus - References - Lufthansa Aviation Center, Frankfurt a. Main

Lufthansa Aviation Center, Frankfurt a. Main, Germany
In the light-filled Aviation Center, 1800 Lufthansa employees started work. Communication and transparency were the main objects of the plans drawn up by architects Ingenhoven und Partner.
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Sedus - References - Boerenbond Leuven, Belgium

Boerenbond Leuven, Belgium
Modern architecture for modern agriculture. In Leuven, the Belgian farmers' association moved into its new headquarters, planned by AR-TE architects.
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Sedus - References - Würth Solar, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

Würth Solar, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
As a subsidiary of the world-renowned screw manufacturer Würth, Würth Solar manufactures solar modules. The CISfab is the world's first manufacturing facility for the mass production of CIS elements.
pdf, 403 KB

Sedus - References - PKF / Pier 1, Duisburg, Germany

PKF / Pier 1, Duisburg, Germany
The auditing company moved into its new head office at Pier 1 in Duisburg's harbour. Numerous special solutions were created when the 100 workstations were being designed.
pdf, 297 KB

Sedus - References - GAP 15, Falk eSolution, Düsseldorf, Germany

GAP 15, Falk eSolution, Düsseldorf, Germany
GAP 15 serves as a landmark. It is here that the company headquarters of Falk eSolution, among others, is located. 70 workstations were set up with the "invitation" system.
pdf, 250 KB

Sedus - References - DEW 21, Dortmund, Germany

DEW 21, Dortmund, Germany
The administration building with customer advice center was comprehensively renovated. The working, meeting, training and service areas were equipped and furnished according to contemporary criteria.
pdf, 795 KB

Sedus - References - Kreissparkasse Tübingen, Germany

Kreissparkasse Tübingen, Germany
The new banking block was created according to plans of Auer + Weber. The spacious and bright office zones of the administration areas are characterized by a very striking color scheme.
pdf, 134 KB

Sedus - Referenzen - Esercenti Farmacia, Brescia, Italy

Esercenti Farmacia, Brescia, Italy
For events and training courses, CEF set up an auditorium according to the latest technical standards.
pdf, 107 KB

Sedus - References - Coop, Ex Officine Minganti, Bologna, Italy

Coop, Ex Officine Minganti, Bologna, Italy
With the Ex Officine Minganti, an old industrial complex was restructured according to plans drawn up by Open Project. A shopping center with several catering areas are accommodated here.
pdf, 168 KB

Sedus - References - InBev Brewery, Belgium

InBev Brewery, Belgium
The world's largest brewing company engaged Poponcini Lootens ir. architects to design a new administration complex. 1100 chairs from Sedus were used in the new building.
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